Activated Charcoal: Folk face mask for deep clean

activated charcoal

Activated charcoal have a noticeable effect only if the procedure is done correctly. It is important to know the main points of the facial cleansing with the help of this therapeutic product:

  • In each mask, it is necessary to add exclusively fresh activated charcoal. It has a soft, brittle consistency and at the same time produces a first-class effect.
  • The mask should be applied to the face 1-2 times a week, not more. The optimal course is 2 months. The repeated course can be conducted only after 2 months of a break.
  • The ideal time for the procedure will be the evening time after taking a bath. The skin will be steamed and easier to clean, and the components of the mask will quickly absorb into the interior of the pores.
  • Before applying the mask on the face, you need to check the skin for allergies. A small amount of the drug should be applied to the wrist and left for 10 minutes. If there are no negative effects, then the composition is perfectly suitable for this type of skin.

This product is absolutely harmless in reasonable quantities, as it is the result of burning wood of various breeds. Most often activated charcoal is used to remove toxins from the body, treat the stomach, eliminate excess weight, and purify drinking water.

In addition, it becomes the main ingredient in skin cleansing compositions. There is a set of measures to use this product as the main deliverer of acne, black spots, acne, fatty shine and much more.

Indications for use: increased fat content of the skin; abundant pimples and acne; black dots; clogged pores; yellowish gray complexion; deep facial wrinkles.

Face mask from activated charcoal acts bi-directional: on the one hand, it removes harmful microbes, on the other hand, it takes away useful micro nutrients from the skin. Because of this, these compounds must be mixed with additional components that can restore lost stocks in cells. Read also:

Masks recipes with activated charcoal

This remedy is effective for cleansing the intestines, which, as is known, has the property of reflecting all its ailments on the face. A contaminated bowel is often the main reason for the appearance of acne, acne and black spots.

The absorbent is used to cleanse the body, but in this case it is important to observe a special diet, take special beneficial bacteria and consume exceptionally healthy food.

In addition to drinking coal inside, it is added to the mask. Recipes of such compounds are often found, and their preparation does not take much time. The consistency of the composition plays an important role: it can be an exfoliating scrub, a washable film or a solidifying mask from black dots with activated charcoal and gelatin.

activated charcoalActivated charcoal mask of gelatin and milk

This compound is allowed to use only those who do not have allergies to fermented milk products, because you can cause unwanted reactions of the body to the allergen. Milk has unique properties that the ancient Egyptians valued.

Cleopatra liked to take milk baths to rejuvenate the skin, make it supple and healthy. So here this ingredient is very important, because it increases the elasticity of the skin and at the same time makes the mask easily washable.

It is enough to take a teaspoon of milk, a teaspoon of gelatin and 1.5 tablets of activated charcoal. The whole powder mix should be mixed with milk and put in a microwave oven for 15 seconds. When the mask of gelatin and activated charcoal is slightly dry, it needs to be applied to the most problematic areas. After 15 minutes, the resulting film should be removed and the face rinsed with cool water.

Activated charcoal anti-aging mask

This tool is great for daily use. For one procedure you can achieve full hydration and refreshment of the skin of the face. All that is needed is 1 tablet of coal, which must be dissolved in 10 tbsp. boiled water; mix the whole mixture in an ice mold. Every morning you need to wipe your face with an ice cube. Particularly noticeable is the rejuvenating effect.

Activated charcoal and yogurt

To safely cleanse your face, you need to prepare a mask based on yogurt. It will take 1 tablet of coal, 1 tsp. lemon juice and 2 tablespoons. Creamy natural yogurt. It is recommended to apply such a mass for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

With caution should be taken to people with dry skin or increased irritability to lemons. Mask from black dots with activated charcoal at the same time and moisturize the skin.

Activated charcoal with black clay

For a deep cleansing of the face it is recommended to use a combination of activated charcoal and cosmetic clay. One tablet of absorbent should be mixed with a teaspoon of black clay. In this mixture, pour 1 tbsp. milk and a teaspoon of gelatin.

A slightly warmed-up mass is applied to the face until a protective film is formed. After this mask should be removed and the face rinsed. Activated charcoal with gelatin has a slight anti-inflammatory effect.

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