How to apply activated charcoal black mask

black mask

Black mask is a natural remedy for effective cleansing of the skin of the face. Actively struggles with eels, greasy stoppers, and black dots.

The name black mask was received because of the black color, which is due to its composition. Active use found black masks based on three components: activated charcoal, black clay, therapeutic mud.

Benefit from using Black Mask

If the facial skin is oily, prone to permanent rashes, dotted with black dots, the black mask will become a reliable savior.

After applying it, the following improvements are noted:

  • The skin gets useful vitamins and minerals;
  • Exchange processes are activated;
  • The contour of the face is tightened;
  • Black points disappear;
  • Swelling, inflammation, redness;
  • Skin of the face acquires a beautiful and healthy hue;
  • Disappears greasy luster;
  • Small wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • The face acquires firmness.

Regardless of whether a black mask is bought or made at home, it remains the first number to cleanse the face. Read also:

How to apply and remove a black mask

Before applying, you should clean your face well, then steam it off. The steamed skin absorbs better the beneficial components. For steaming you need to take a towel, moisten in hot water and hold for 10 minutes on the face.

Another way to steam out is to hold your face over a basin of hot water for about 10 minutes, covering your head with a blanket. For effectiveness in water it is recommended to pour a pinch of sea salt or add chamomile.

After applying the mask on the face, avoiding the eye area and lips. Remove after completely drying. The mask film can be easily removed, it is enough to pull the nail and gently pull it from the bottom up. Residue the mask and wash the day cream.

black maskAdvantages of a black mask prepared at home

Buying a ready-made mask, you can pay not so much for the quality of the product, as for the brand of the manufacturer. Make a black mask at home – then save your budget.

It is prepared from inexpensive ingredients, the quality and freshness of which can be controlled independently. In addition, making a tool yourself, you cannot doubt that all the ingredients of the mask are safe. Although picking the perfect composition of black masks at home is a little more difficult, there is always the opportunity to experiment and find a suitable option for yourself.

Interesting fact! Although black mask eliminates many skin problems, the mask still positions itself as a panacea for black spots. This can be seen when, after the first application, the mask-film is removed along with the black points, and the pores become narrowed and cleaned.

Frequency of application black mask

For prevention, the black mask should be applied once a week, with the problem skin should be increased up to two times. After a month of use, take a break for a month. Do not forget that the regularity of use and freshness of the components of the mask depends on its effectiveness.

The recent black mask is a powerful tool for achieving beautiful and healthy skin of the face. The results from its use are impressive.

With all its properties and effectiveness, the mask is very easy to prepare without extra costs. In the fight against black dots, enlarged pores, greasy shine and various rashes, black mask has no competitors.

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