Black Mask Preparation For Acne

activated charcoal

Choosing the recipes for which home remedies for acne will be prepared, you need to clearly understand what the main products and other ingredients possess for black mask.

Black Mask from sour cream are undesirable to use for treatment of a fat skin. The presence of activated carbon provides a purifying effect.

Green tea, which is now drunk in many families, has a powerful antiseptic effect, it removes strong inflammation in certain areas of the skin.

Olive oil cold pressed, which is not subjected to heat treatment, has moisturizing and nutritional properties.

Prepare a black mask at home, in the usual conditions against black spots and acne can be from mature tomatoes. The tomato mass contains a large number of fruit acids.

Their high concentration makes it possible to use tomatoes for peeling and cleansing procedures. Mask with lemon or grapefruit effectively tighten wide pores, while cleaning them.

Ginger and turmeric have become available products for those who follow their appearance. They contain ingredients that help to remove acne and restore normal moisture to the skin.

When preparing any preparations for face care at home, you need to consider your skin type. Tablets of activated carbon are considered a universal ingredient in eliminating rashes and inflammation of the skin.

It should be noted that cosmetics based on coal practically do not cause an allergic reaction. For adolescents, a healing mask is often required after intensive extrusion of acne and black spots.

Dermatologists regularly repeat that acne on the face is a serious problem, so they should be removed correctly and with great care. Read also:

Activated charcoal black mask for oily skin

Black Mask of acne on the face is prepared at home in such a way as to have a complex effect on the skin.

This means that it must cleanse, disinfect and saturate the skin with vitamins. After such treatment of black dots and acne on the face does not remain.

The most accessible mask is made from kefir or low-fat sour cream, mixing with strawberries or strawberries. The mixture is stirred to a homogeneous consistency.

Black Mask

Beforehand, it is necessary to wipe the face with lotion, then apply a mask. Keep it for a quarter of an hour-that’s enough. The procedure can be performed every day for a week, then make the same pause.

Banana mask, cooked with lemon and fresh honey, cleans the face of acne and black spots while moisturizing the skin.

It is necessary to grind a ripe banana, mix with a tablespoon of honey and twenty drops of juice from a lemon. To intensify the effect, add activated charcoal is added to the powder.

A good result for cleaning large pores can be obtained by using blue clay mixed with decoction of marigold.

At home, there are all conditions to try different compositions of masks. A mixture of finely grated fresh cucumber and sour cream is prepared in five minutes. The mask is used in the summer, when in the afternoon there is a free hour.

Activated charcoal black mask for dry skin

Dry skin suffers less from suppuration as compared with fatty or with a combination. For teenagers, the appearance of blisters, acne or black spots is always unpleasant.

Assessing the recipes for masks for cooking at home, you need to remember that the skin should be moistened.

Universal properties have an egg mask that works well against irritation and effectively eliminates white acne.

Take one egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey and olive oil. All this mass is mixed well and smeared on the face. You can add lemon juice when the pimples on the face are large.

At home, a yeast facial mask for acne is quickly prepared. To strengthen the removal of black dots, yeast is mixed with lemon.

Three pinch of dry yeast is diluted with water to the consistency of shop sour cream, plus a teaspoon of lemon juice.

The thoroughly mixed mass is applied to the face and allowed to stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water without soap.

Good results are brought by masks from potatoes. A tuber of medium size is boiled, kneaded with the addition of sour cream, and the mashed potatoes are slightly warmed on the face. After 15 minutes, the composition is washed off with cool water.

Activated charcoal black mask for normal skin

Mask against acne, appear on the skin, and easily cook at home. The composition of the home cosmetic product includes products and substances that are available in every home. Recipes are easy to prepare.

Three tablets of activated charcoal are ground into powder and mixed with a teaspoon of gelatin, plus a tablespoon of water.

The resulting mixture is heated to a liquid state, cooled and applied to the face a little warm.

It is advisable to wait until the mask has dried to remove the thin film. For teenagers, this procedure is used as a cleansing and healing.

Women who live in the summer at the cottage or in the countryside have the opportunity to prepare a mask of sour cream and wildflowers at home.

Take a third of a glass of homemade sour cream and place in it five or six flowers of chamomile or marigold, mix thoroughly and soak for 10-15 minutes.

The finished mixture is applied to dry, pre-cleaned skin. You can keep the mask for up to half an hour.

Egg mask is prepared from protein and finely grated fresh cucumber. This mixture is enough to hold on your face for ten minutes.

Against rashes on the skin of a normal type are well helped by yeast masks.

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