Gelatin mask for face with activated charcoal

activated charcoal

Gelatin has long been known as a magnificent cosmetic product because of the collagen content in it, which successfully restores fading skin, and wrinkles. Therefore, often the gelatin mask for the face tightens in the first place, and then performs other, no less important functions – for example, it helps to smooth the complexion, remove inflammation and so on.

Popular gelatinous face mask with activated charcoal, known for its ability to fight acne, as well as pimples.

Preparation of gelatin mask with activated charcoal

To saturate the mask with vitamins, many use freshly squeezed juice instead of water to dissolve gelatin. And it is right. Virtually any freshly squeezed juice is good for the skin. Therefore, today the composition of gelatin mask for the face of tightening, and at the same time and anti-inflammatory, we will have this:

  • Gelatin – 1 tea.
  • Cabbage juice (freshly squeezed) – 4 tbsp.
  • Activated charcoal – 6 tablets.

We prepare the mask quickly and easily. Gelatin is poured with juice and thoroughly mixed, and then heated in a water bath before swelling. Meanwhile, grind the activated charcoal and add it to the slightly cooled mixture. Again, we get in the way. In fact, our mask is ready, now we need to prepare the skin. Read also: Activated charcoal bar for impure skin

activated charcoal

We wash and we process the face not so rude scram that pores have opened, and action of a mask was as much as possible effective.

But now you can apply a mask. We put the mixture on problematic places, not touching only the area around the eyes. You can do this with a brush, you can use a cotton swab, or you can just use your hands. The main thing is for the mixture to lie evenly on a thin layer.

Now we rest for 20 minutes, trying not to make any mimic movements, so as not to disturb the drying mask. After this time, you can calmly wash yourself with water at room temperature and apply a cream or lotion on your face – what you use every day.

This gelatin mask for the face and nourishing, and anti-inflammatory, and tightening, and very successfully struggling with contaminated pores. It can be done a couple of times a week, it will be especially good to make it after a bath or shower, after a bath when the face is steamed and the pores are open.

Gelatin mask for face with activated charcoal is one of the best home masks, that’s why it is so popular with women.

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