Mask with activated charcoal and gelatin

activated charcoal

In cosmetology, the process of cleansing the skin takes a leading place. Face cleaning performs complex functions: healing, nutrition and rejuvenation of the skin. In addition to inflammatory manifestations in the epidermis and deep layers of the dermis, the aesthetics of the appearance are disturbed by numerous pore pollution in the form of black heads. This cosmetic defect gives the skin an imperfect look: it does not look well-groomed and smooth. To cope with the problem help hardware methods of cleaning the face skin and mask with activated charcoal against black heads. At home, a cleaning mask with a charcoal sorbent is not difficult to prepare, and the cosmetic effect of its use will be compared with a similar procedure in the salon.

How to make a mask against black heads? Many used a special product of Korean, Chinese, domestic companies called “black mask” (or heard about it). This remedy is intended for cleaning the skin surface, removing acne, blackheads, pustular inflammation. The product consists of natural adsorbents based on coal and an adhesive component. A high-quality and inexpensive alternative to black mask is a mixture of activated charcoal and gelatin. Read also:

The composition of this home mask includes components:

  • Activated charcoal (pharmaceutical preparation, which is produced in tablets, packed in blisters) – 2 tablets;
  • Food gelatin (obtained with denaturing of collagen, has the property of creating gel-like structures) – 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • Purified water – 50 g;
  • Emollients (milk, cream, sour cream) – 1 tbsp. a spoon.

activated charcoal

IMPORTANT! When using a mask with activated charcoal, consider the type of skin. In case of oily or combined skin surface, in addition to the main ingredients (coal and gelatin), it is permissible to use water. With dry skin, instead of water, milk or sour cream should be added to the charcoal mask, since charcoal adsorption is accompanied by the absorption of moisture from the epidermis.

How to apply a mask:

  1. Before applying a charcoal mask, it is necessary to prepare the skin. To do this, it is better to steam your face in a water bath or make a hot compress. At this stage, the skin surface is cleansed and the pores are opened.
  2. Prepare a mixture of coal (the tablets are pre-ground), gelatin, water (milk or cream), apply a thin layer on the face, avoiding the area under the eyes. To effectively purify the pores, keep the mask for at least 15 minutes.
  3. After the mask has dried, remove the residue with warm water, then moisturize the skin with a cosmetic cream.

When there is a tightening of the face skin during the procedure, the mask needs to be washed off to prevent stretching of the skin.

Adsorbent charcoal masks are not only highly effective in eliminating cosmetic deficiencies in the form of skin eruptions, acne and black spots, but are completely safe, since they do not contain harmful synthetic substances. Contraindications to the use of a black mask with charcoal is practically not available.

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